Abandoned Upgrade

Last week Allyson Huntsman, Jacke Andrade, and myself decided to go on a photo excursion and scout out some new shooting spots.

Jacke informed us of a dilapidated mansion she had visited a few times in high school-- old, potentially haunted, and historically rich places are IN MY LANE. I immediately said yes to a day in Galveston.

Google maps helped a little, but we mostly got there based on Jacke's memory. I was expecting to see a beautifully atrocious house when I pulled up. Instead I saw a mansion reminiscent of Greece with overgrown grass.

We continued driving around the property for a couple of reasons:

1. Confusion-- had this place really been renovated or had Jacke's memory failed us?

2. This place had an overgrown lawn. So maybe it was also abandoned?

I had already driven an hour to find this spot and I wasn't willing to leave without some digging. Turns out, the abandoned haunted mansion upgraded to an abandoned luxury multi-use common area for a neighborhood off luxury homes (that were never built). There weren't any "no trespassing" signs-- which is the green light for *PARK AND EXPLORE*

and that's exactly what we did. 

For the most part, the place was pretty empty, but remnants of a party still lingered (see photo below). Although it wasn't what we had in mind, we utilized the space and all of the natural light that seeped through the windows. 

Anytime we heard a noise we thought it was a cop or a squatter, but it was just an old creaking house with wind howling around and throughout it's broken windows. We saw one man approaching the building and assumed he owned it or was there to keep the riff raff out, but he just took some pictures of the front of the house and left. Crisis averted. 

When we were finished peeking into rooms and felt that we had overstayed our welcome, we hit the strand for lunch and enjoy some beach time after.