Upcoming Music Video w/ Bethany Warner

In March I'll be teaming up with artist & good friend, Jacke Andrade, to shoot a music video for the EXTREMELY talented, Bethany Warner.

I met up with Beth in January after a long dry spell of not seeing her beautiful face (because of her being in college and me trying to do the adulting thing). We drank coffee, talked about boys, pondered life, and brainstormed ideas for this shoot.  

Bethany is currently a Vocal Performance major at Baylor College and is contemplating attending school in Nashville. This 19 y/o has some pipes...even Paramore thinks so. THEY RETWEETED HER COVER. sayyyy whaaaa?

The three of us are SO excited to get our creative juices flowing this March!

If you haven't checked out her music already, DO IT. 

AND go buy her song What I Wish I'd done on iTunes!