Mini Shoot In An Empty Pool

Last week Jacke Andrade and I shot the music video for What I Wish I'd Done by singer/songwriter, Bethany Ann. 

Jacke and I met in the Photography and Digital Media program at the University of Houston and became fast friends. It didn't hurt that we both live on the south side of Houston and could carpool in the HOV lane together. This allowed sleeping in and I'm all about that life. 

The two of us have been talking about working on something together for awhile now (especially since graduation and my creative drought/laziness) and the time finally came. It was a breath of fresh air to be apart of an artistic collaboration that wasn't for a grade, assignment, or intended for classmates to see in a critique before the rest of the world laid their eyes on it. (Kudos to those in art school who never feel that weight and are always in a "f*** the system" headspace. I envy you. )

The music video isn't ready for the world to see quite yet, but here's some random shots from an empty pool that I was obsessed with. Bethany was quite the sport and went along with my odd amusement of empty swamp-like pools. For more pool pics and BTS, checkout Jacke's blog.

P.S. If you haven't already, checkout Bethany's song on Spotify or iTunes.